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Microbiology, Biochemistry, Raw Materials & Industries, Plastic Recycling Process, Ceramic- Introduction to Glass and Nanotechnology, Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Industry in Sri Lanka, Basic Mathematical Theory Review, Trigonometry, Geometry, Basic Calculation, Detailed Statistics, Vector Introduction, force, equilibrium of rigid objects, deflection, pressure, newtons Real, gravity, rotational motion, computer software, Internet / e-mail, the principles of the hardware, operating system, and the basic operation, the raw material properties, fluid properties, electronics, electromagnetism, heat, waves, and these elements are subject content.

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Science has been introduced as the main subject of technology and this subject is a must. Science, Mathematics and Information Technology are a blend of subjects to suit the subjects of Engineering Technology and Bio Systems Technology. Knowledge of the subject of science for technology provides the scientific, mathematical and information technology background needed to solve problems in a technology system.

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